Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Just a few of the little things I'm obsessed with lately...

My Clairsonic brush. My mother in law got me this for Christmas and it is everything I never knew I always wanted in a skincare product. I have allllllll types of skin issues, everything from dryness and sensitivity to perioral dermatitis and psoriasis. This little miracle device has virtually erased all of them in just a few weeks. My pores are smaller, my face is smoother and my sun spots are literally disappearing. This is totally the type of thing I never would have bought myself, but now I can't imagine my routine without it. 

My Justin Cowboy boots. I seriously love 'em. Just look at the beautiful stitching! Look at it! Are you for real? AND they have leather soles. Jeeeez. So legit. I swear I get this extra swagger when I wear them. They may or may not have to make an appearance at our farm wedding in 2049 (when we finally get around to getting married). And by "may" I mean "definitely". 

Breckenridge Distillery's Bourbon Chocolate Sauce. Holy cow. Bourbon+Chocolate =Libbie's version of heaven. So good on ice cream...or by itself. 

Shameless on Showtime. So I may be a little biased since I used to work at Showtime, but I'm pretty obsessed with all their shows. Homeland, Dexter and Californication will always be my favorites, but Shameless is quickly rising to the top of that list. Season 3 just started so get caught up already!

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