Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Traditions: Cookie Party

As Christmas nears, I get more and more excited about all the little traditions my family has that makes the holidays unique and make our time together even more special. Over the next few days, I'm excited to share a few of them with you, the first being an annual cookie party with friends
For the past few years, my two besties and I have gotten together a few days before Christmas for a little cookie party. Its a great way to spend the afternoon with two of the people I care most about. We each bring a cookie recipe that we want to try, get drunk on champagne and have a blast catching up and preparing treats for our families to enjoy. 

This year, (since all three of us are either engaged(!) or married(!) yay!) we have invited our guys along for the fun. Not sure how excited they are about decorating cookies, but between you and me, I think they'll have more fun than they expect. Plus I'm bringing a recipe that includes bacon, so at least they can get excited about that. Can't wait to see you besties!

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