Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Josh and Exy

I had the pleasure of shooting two very good friend's wedding a few weeks ago in Aruba. It was one of the most unique and personal weddings I have ever seen. These two are so adorably in love and haven't let cultural differences, distance and an initial language barrier get in the way of their connection. It really is inspiring to see. One of the greatest things I witnessed during my long weekend down there was Josh's friends and family (many of whom don't speak Spanish) blend in so well with Exy's friends and family (many of whom don't speak English). Everyone came together and partied and laughed and celebrated into the night. 
And come on, is she not the most stunning bride you've ever seen?

A Venezuelan tradition at weddings and other special events is "Hora Loca" or, the crazy hour. Everyone gets a bag of noisemakers and silly attire to wear for an hour during the reception. Its amazing how a wig and some crazy glasses pump up the party...not that we needed any help in that department in Aruba.

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