Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photo Wall

Last weekend Sev and I finally got around to creating the photo wall that's been on our to-do list since we moved in to our new place. In June. I have to admit, the task seemed a little daunting. We had the frames and many of the photos ready, but the layout was what scared me the most. Its easy to make it look cluttered and messy and I did not want to have it up it unless it was perfect. 

The wall was surprisingly simple to construct, and although we laid out a rough guideline on the floor beforehand, we found it easiest to construct the layout as we went, focusing mainly the right side border along the stairs and the largest of the frames in the middle. If it looks thrown up, it definitely isn't! A lot of thought went into how far apart they should be from one another and whether or not the lines should match up (most the time we elected "not"). I also think adding the shelves helped keep it from looking too contrived. And in my opinion, the frames don't have to be the same. Keeping everything black allowed us to mix and match frames we already owned. Some are nice Pottery Barn and West Elm pieces, but most are Ikea and Target purchases collected over the years. 

Its not complete yet. We hope to print some new/better photos soon and we would like to continue it on the left side as well. Stay tuned!

I didn't realize how bare it made our space looked until we filled it with something! 




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